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Welcome to BeetleBailey.com — the online home of the world’s most beloved Army private.

BEETLE BAILEY is one of the most popular and successful cartoon strips of all time. Set in a fictitious Army base called Camp Swampy, the strip follows the misadventures of Private Beetle Bailey. A five-star slacker of epic proportions, Beetle’s love of sleep and blatant disregard for the chain of command has earned him the devotion of millions of comics fans all around the world.

Read and comment on new comics every day, or take a trip through history in the Vintage section. You can buy gallery-quality prints of your favorite strips and browse the official BEETLE BAILEY online store. Plus, you can post questions right here on the blog to the man himself – the incomparable Mort Walker – for insight from a legendary cartoonist and proud veteran.

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We’ll have a lot more to say, as soon as Beetle wakes up…


8 thoughts on “Welcome to BeetleBailey.com!

  1. I just wanted to say that your Beetle Bailey comic Tribute to our country/military Sept 11th 2011 was very timely and very much appreciated. I’m 42 and I still read the comics. Several others comic strips paid tribute that day but I found yours to be the most dedicated to our men and woman of our Armed Forces. It was great to see all your characters in tears with the words “ALL OF US ARE SUFFERING FOR THE FRIENDS AND FAMILIES OF THOSE WHO WERE KILLED AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.” I never thought you could never have another strip as compelling. Well you did. Your strip on Sunday Sepember 30th was another tear moment. Having Beetle talk about the sacrifices soldiers make and what they endure and to close out by saying “That’s nice of you. I feel better.” I’m touched and honored. I have never served in our armed forces but my father is retired SGM US Army – 23 years. I respect the men and woman of our military as do you. Thank you for honoring them in your strip. You are in my heart and prayers and I do know first hand about what our military and first responders go through on a daily bases, I live it.

    Nat Fleming

    • I didn’t realize it was a pay for view mag, but yeah. How iniorc. Actually kind of hits the point home. Everything I’ve ever done is on the net for free, and it’s there without a penny to me. Even today’s article and cartoon not a penny to show for it. If BF makes money from the mag, that’s somebody between you and me trying to get some commerce going. I wish them good luck. If you want me, I’ll be at the homeless shelter.

  2. Hello. One of the funniest strips I have a ever seen is where Beetle is looking up causing everyone who walks by to look up as well. When Sarge walks by, the next frame is Beetle beat into the ground. Any idea where I can find that?

  3. I have read this since i was a child. For most of my life I found it to be hilarious. Going on 60 now I have become more aware of the fact that unrelenting violence is not as humorous as it once may have been. Even the military over the decades has changed their policies of how an enlisted man can be treated. While I am not trying to tie a comic to reality, I do find the endless beatings to be getting old and not inline with todays general thoughts towards violence. I would think with a team of professionals involved with such an icon of the comics world that they could find tons of humor minus trashing Beetle and making it seem okay. I am by no means a whining politically correct liberal that thinks everything has to be perfect, but I do think somethings now and then require a serious review.

    • Like you, I have been reading this comic since my earliest years. And like you, I think the violence in the strip is just plain, outright wrong. Why can’t Mr. Walker realize that? I am a veteran, and every day when I see Snorkel brutalizing Beetle it makes me sick. The most offensive times are the ones when Snorkel coerces Beetle to re-enlist — I know that on those occasions not only beat him to a pulp, but told him that he would murder Beetle on the day he would get out. Not a figure of speech — actually. This is wrong, and I am begging you, Mr. Walker — STOP IT! Will you please stop?

  4. YOU KNOW those “dingbat” series of symbols — from stars to lightning bolts — that represent cartoon profanity? Depending on the intensity of your comics fandom, you may know they’re called “grawlix.” What you may not know is that Mort Walker coined the term.

  5. As an active service and reserve veteran, I really think that the strip should be honorably discharged. The theme is simply worn out. It has used up its originality and parodies of army ‘types’. I feel that some of the strips are actually insulting to the ‘soldiers’. I am not condemning the strip; I think that it should be archived.

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