A bunch of us are out here in Stamford, Connecticut today learning how to post interesting stuff here for you to read. Hopefully, we’ll be updating this with news and tidbits about Beetle, Sarge and the gang on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Beetle is off sleeping somewhere and Sarge is having lunch so they’re not here.

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Here we are at the computer. L-R: Brian, Bill, Greg, Mort, Neal.

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2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I am trying to locate a Beatle cartoon from the early 60’s of sarge asking Beetle if he ever thought of reenlisting the next two frames are of Beetle rolling on the floor laughing and snickering the last frame is sarge saying next question. I Used to carry this cartoon in my fatigue jacket, one day I was driving my Company Commander some where and he took the opportunity to give me the re enlistment talk, I slipped my fingers into my jacket and handed him the cartoon, I thought he was going to fall out of the jeep. I had used scotch tape to cover it and protect it but it actually ruined it, I still have it but it is in sad shape.
    Art Sheaffer

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