Beetle Enlists – Part 3


In March of 1951 Beetle Bailey found himself in the military. He had enlisted reluctantly. After being dragged into a recruiting office by his buddies, he signed the papers and was in the army for the long haul.

In Beetle’s first week in the army, he got a physical exam, took some tests and was given a uniform.1951.3.19-211951.3.22-24Was Beetle going to be shipped off to the war in Korea? Stay tooned.

– Brian Walker


3 thoughts on “Beetle Enlists – Part 3

  1. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to finally see Beetle Bailey from the beginning! I can’t ever thank you guys enough!

  2. Loving these older strips! Laughed about the shots! When my Dad went in the army in WWII, he got the shots twice! His last name could also be used as a first name, and it had been flip-flopped!

  3. I never knew that this comic strip started with Beetle Bailey in college. When I started reading this comic daily was around 1965. It is wonderful to see this comic strip from the beginning and the history of it with Mort Walker’s comments is fascinating. Thank you for putting this online. Pamela Kisor, your comment about your dad’s flip-flopped name and the double shots was very funny!

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