Otto – Part Three

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, September 20, 1959.

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, September 20, 1959.

In this vintage Sunday page from 1959, Sarge’s dog Otto has a starring role. Mort Walker loves to feature visual humor in Beetle Bailey and Otto’s determined car chasing provides some great action scenes. Otto was still wearing a basic dog shirt with sergeant stripes at this point in his development.

In the next post we will show how Otto changed his apparel and persona in the 1960s.

– Brian Walker


3 thoughts on “Otto – Part Three

  1. I was outraged and very disappointed that you would use the ugly, nasty ageist slur word “Geezer” in your strip today. I wonde, would you use the word “Gre-ser” when referring to a Hispanic? I highly doubt it! Why would you use an ageist slur like “Geezer”? It is NOT funny. I am not going to read your strip any more after seeing this. Your would not make racist or sexist slurs in your comics; why are you stooping to the use of ageist terms? Shame on you! If you dont want to lose a whole generation of readers, you need to watch your ageist language!

  2. I enjoyed the “Geezer” strip enough to send it to kids and grandkids and have clipped the strip from today’s paper for my doctor at my appointment next week.

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