Timeline – 1961 Part 4

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, October 8, 1961.

Lieutenant Sonny Fuzz is a young, ambitious, newly-minted officer who shares an office with Sergeant Orville Snorkel. This situation inevitably leads to conflict and provides a rich source for humor in the strip.

In the episode above, Fuzz is complaining that he does not receive the respect he feels his rank deserves. When he finds out that Sarge’s desk is bigger than his, these insecurities boil to the surface. He complains to Captain Scabbard who comes up with an idea that seems more like a quick fix than a permanent solution. Sarge is put in his place, but not for long.

Timeline – 1961 Part 3

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, July 2, 1961.

The Sunday page above is another example of political and social comment in Beetle Bailey. Similar to today, there was widespread resistance to America’s dominant role in the world. Our country also represented hope for people everywhere seeking peace and prosperity.

Timeline – 1961 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, April 9, 1961.

In 1955, Mort Walker introduced Cosmo, a wheeler-dealer he claimed was based on the role played by William Holden in the film Stalag 17. “Holden was such a great operator he could get you anything, even in a wartime prison camp,” Mort remembered. Cosmo was a skilled pool hustler, a crafty card player and an unscrupulous loan shark.