Beetle Bailey TV Cartoons – Part 3

Beetle Bailey: 65th Anniversary Collectors' Edition, 2015.

Beetle Bailey: 65th Anniversary Collectors’ Edition, 2015.

The 50 Beetle Bailey cartoons that originally began airing on television in September 1963 were rebrodcast many times throughout the 1960s and 70s and have since been available in various VHS and DVD packages.

On June 2, 2015, the ultimate set, Beetle Bailey: 65th Anniversary Collectors’ Edition, shown above, was released.  The 268-minute, single disc DVD comes in an embossed hinged box which includes various collectors’ memorabilia – a 22-page booklet tracing the history of Beetle Bailey, classic comic strips, prints, comic book covers, photos, postcards and four King Features produced newsreel podcasts starring Mort Walker. It is currently available at Amazon for $17.99.

Beetle Bailey TV Cartoons – Part 2

A still from the first cartoons in the Beetle Bailey series, "Labor Shortage."

A still from the 1960 Beetle Bailey pilot cartoon, “Labor Shortage.”

In addition to the 150 “Comic Kings” cartoons that Paramount was hired by King Features to produce, they also contracted to make 212 new “Popeye” animated films. Executive Producer Al Brodax wanted these delivered in three years, which created an enormous challenge for director Seymour Kneitel.

Beetle Bailey TV Cartoons – Part 1

Trade advertisement for King Comics Trilogy, 1962.

Trade advertisement for the Comic Kings series, 1962.

In the early 1960s King Features Syndicate signed a contract with Paramount Studios (formerly Famous Studios) to produce 150 animated cartoons for television. The “Comic Kings” series starred characters from three of King’s well-known comic strip properties, Beetle Bailey, Krazy Kat and Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. Al Brodax was the Executive Producer.