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Timeline – 1972 Part 4

Beetle Bailey Sunday page black-and-white proof, October 17, 1972

Miss Buxley is General Halftrack’s secretary. She was first introduced in Beetle Bailey on November 17, 1971.

Beetle Bailey daily strip, November 17, 1971.

Mort Walker claimed that he had no intention of making her a regular character but discovered that readers liked her. He started using her more and more and eventually she was featured one day a week.

Timeline – 1972 Part 3

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, August 27, 1972.

In 1967, Dr. Bonkus the camp psychiatrist, debuted in Beetle Bailey. He was short in stature with a bald head and an unruly moustache.

As Mort Walker explained in The Best of Beetle Bailey, “Every camp has a psychiatrist and no camp needs one more than Camp Swampy. Of course they got the psychiatrist they deserved, Dr. Bonkus, who could use a little help himself.”

Timeline – 1972 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, February 27, 1972.

The introduction and evolution of Sarge’s dog Otto has been documented in previous posts. To revisit that history, here are a few quotes from The Best of Beetle Bailey by creator Mort Walker.

“Every boy should have a dog, as the saying goes, to teach him love, responsibility and to turn around three times before he lies down. Sarge, being a boy at heart, deserved a dog. But did he deserve Otto? In Otto’s puppyhood he was a real dog, walking on all fours and communicating with woofs and growls. It wasn’t long before I fell into the old cartoonist’s trap and humanized him. I guess he’s funnier that way.”

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