Timeline – 1998 Part 1

Beetle Bailey Sunday page digital proof, February 8, 1998.

In this Sunday page, Miss Buxley is encouraging Beetle to apply to Officer’s school. He responds with a speech about the important role that privates have played throughout history.

Private is the lowest rank in the U.S. Army. There are two levels.  The PV1, sometimes know as a “recruit” wears no uniform rank insignia.  A PV2 has a single chevron.  Advancement to PV2 is usually automatic after six months of service. Even though Beetle has been in the army for over sixty years, he doesn’t have a chevron, so he’s probably a PV1.

Timeline – 1997 Part 4

Beetle Bailey Sunday page digital proof, November 23, 1997.

I love classic cartoon animation. One of my favorite golden age directors is Chuck Jones, who is the genius behind such classics as What’s Opera Doc?, One Froggy Evening and the Roadrunner/Coyote series. His most wildly inventive film is Duck Amuck from 1953.

Throughout the seven minute short, Daffy Duck is tormented by an unseen adversary.  The background in the beginning changes from a castle to a farm.  Daffy puts on farmer’s clothing and the setting is suddenly a winter scene. He dons a skier’s outfit and finds himself in Hawaii.  Eventually he’s alone on a blank screen.

Timeline – 1997 Part 3

Beetle Bailey Sunday page digital proof, November 16, 1997.

In the nighttime scene above, all the characters are shown in silhouette.  It is easy to recognize Killer, Sarge, Plato and General Halftrack just by their outlines.

In The Lexicon of Comicana, Mort Walker explained that body shapes or “morfs” should be designed distinctively so the characters can be identified in silhouette.  He showed some examples.Among the characters in the graphic above are Mickey Mouse, Sarge, Krazy Kat, Snuffy Smith, Popeye, Buster Brown, Annie, Jiggs, Beetle, Boner, Little King, Nancy, Smoky Stover, Andy Capp, Dagwood, Dick Tracy, Happy Hooligan, Ferdinand, Tiger, Hagar, Batman and Charlie Brown.  Can you identify some of the ones I missed?