BB: The King is gone, long live the King


We cartoonists are very lucky in that we get to do something that we genuinely love. Many late nights, bending over the drawing board, we sometimes wonder if it’s worth it. Is this little piece of board (or, these days, a computer screen and electronic file), ever going to be seen, read and appreciated by anyone? We scribble our lines and just hope that it brightens someone’s day.


10436340_674345132650195_8903378596557197271_nBy now, nearly everyone is aware of the phenomenally successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. People everywhere are accepting the challenge and have raised a record amount of money to combat Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It seemed fitting for cartoon characters to also do their part. In that spirit, Beetle and Sarge were challenged by Edison Lee of The Brilliant MInd of Edison Lee. As you can see, Beetle and Sarge met the challenge with gusto! In turn, Beetle and Sarge challenged Snuffy Smith, Hagar and Hi Flagston. Check them all out at,