Beetle Bailey Sales – 1959

BB Sales 1959 Cover

The next Beetle Bailey sales brochure was mailed out by King Features Syndicate in 1959. The circulation of the strip at that point was 704 newspapers.

“It’s simply that Beetle Bailey packs a daily laugh for readers of every age group – mom, dad, junior and sis,” the copy claimed. “And Beetle Bailey doesn’t have to carry the ball alone. Famed gag writer and comic artist Mort Walker provides refreshing variety every day by peopling his strip with such mirth-provoking characters as Sgt. Snorkel, Lt. Fuzz, Zero, Cookie, Killer and General Halftrack.”

Beetle Bailey Sales – 1957

Beetle Bailey Sales Brochure Cover, 1957.

Beetle Bailey Sales Brochure cover, 1957.

When the King Features sales brochure, shown above, was mailed out in 1957, Beetle Bailey had 600 newspaper clients.

In 1984, Mort Walker looked back on these early days. “A cartoonist once told me to work very hard for the first year or so until you get your strip off the ground, then you can relax, hire someone to do it for you, and have a life of ease. That cartoonist soon lost his strip and never got another one.”

Beetle Bailey Sales – July 1956


The King Features sales brochure, shown above, was mailed out in July 1956 and marked a new milestone for Beetle Bailey. The syndicate boldly predicted that, “At his present rate of 20 papers a month, Beetle will zoom past the 1000 paper mark in about two years.” Mort Walker’s strip would not pass that number until 1965.