10436340_674345132650195_8903378596557197271_nBy now, nearly everyone is aware of the phenomenally successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. People everywhere are accepting the challenge and have raised a record amount of money to combat Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It seemed fitting for cartoon characters to also do their part. In that spirit, Beetle and Sarge were challenged by Edison Lee of The Brilliant MInd of Edison Lee. As you can see, Beetle and Sarge met the challenge with gusto! In turn, Beetle and Sarge challenged Snuffy Smith, Hagar and Hi Flagston. Check them all out at,

What is Beetle Doing There?

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One of the things we really enjoy about creating a comic strip is when we see evidence that other people are noticing what we do. It’s always fun to see Beetle appear in places we wouldn’t expect to see him. Those of us in the cartooning business love to put the creations of our friends in our own strips. Recently, my pal John Rose used Beetle in one of his editorial strips (shown above) and we loved it. In the same week, a clue in the famous New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle asked for a Beetle character’s name. The answer (spoiler alert for those who haven’t finished the puzzle) was Sarge. More often a crossword puzzle clue is “Beetle Bailey Dog” which would  be, of course, Otto.

Comics Kingdom

Tomorrow, Monday December 2, King Features will be launching a new web site,  At this all-new, free comics destination, readers will be able to access all of the syndicate’s features, including daily and Sunday episodes of our two strips, Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois.

For a small annual subscription fee, they can also enjoy expanded offerings at Comics Kingdom Royal, including the ability to design a custom comics page, receive daily email updates, save favorite artwork in a scrapbook and view vintage comic strips.  Current subscribers to DailyINK will be able to use the premium service at no extra cost.  Be sure to check it out when it goes live.