3 thoughts on “March 28, 2008

  1. NO! No Corporal YO! This has been going on for 60 years and it was as wrong then as it is now. Sarge’s conduct is reprehensible. He is a complete disgrace to the uniform. In the real world he would have been Dishonorably Discharged long ago. And now he’s passing his brutalization behavior on to others! Why is this still going on? Some time ago you did a strip where Sarge was ordered to stop beating up Beetle! I had thought that a change was being done like the situation with the General and Ms. Buxly was some years ago. Stop it. As a vet I am always appalled at Sarge’s conduct. I know Beetle is in general a loafer — but there are times when he gets things done when it counts. STOP IT! Will you please stop?

    • SHUT THE CRUD UP YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not gonna change. It’s a stinkin’ comic you old dumb fogey. It’s not real life, so get over your own insecurities and SUCK IT UP. If you have been in the military you should be familiar with this term: SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT NEWBIE! So, I suggest you take that advice jerk.

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