The troops at Camp Swampy have always thwarted the Pentagon’s spit ‘n’ polish directives and, in the process, made Mort Walker’s “Beetle Bailey” one of the most popular strips in comic history.

The strip stars Beetle, the world’s most lovable, work-shirking private, and a mixed company of outrageous characters, including Sarge Snorkel, General Halftrack, Otto and Miss Buxley. In addition to delighting readers every day in more than 1,800 newspapers worldwide, the “Beetle Bailey” cast has inspired dozens of games, toys, books, puzzles, patches, apparel, greeting cards and even lottery tickets.

Today, Beetle is more popular than ever. Enlist BEETLE BAILEY today and draw attention to your product and/or service. Click here for contact information about licensing Beetle Bailey

Licensing Highlights

  • Book deals with Titan Books. Holiday
  • 2011 retail partnership with Bloomingdale’s
  • Partnerships with Converse, Bamford Watch Department, DRx and Medicom
  • Showcase at Project Fashion Show
  • Part of the “Army vs. Navy” collection with Popeye

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