Timeline – 1964 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, March 15, 1964.

Beetle’s complaint in this classic Sunday page from 1964 is the central theme of the strip. “There is nothing in the world lower than a private in the army,” he says in the fifth panel. Millions of readers identify with Beetle as the quintessential low man on the totem pole. Everyone has a job to do, a role to play, and has to be subservient to authority in some form. Even General Halftrack, who is a one-star general, has officers above him he has to answer to.

Timeline – 1964 Part 1

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, January 19, 1964.

Chaplain Staneglass became a regular character in Beetle Bailey during the late 1950s and still appears today. Mort Walker created him because he felt the men at Camp Swampy needed some moral guidance. His struggles and failures to make them behave properly is a good source for humor.

Timeline – 1963 Part 4

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, September 15, 1963.

In this episode, Beetle decides to ask for a discharge from the Army and Sarge tries to talk him out of it. Sarge recounts all of the good times Beetle has had since he enlisted. Of course, military life means a lot more to Sarge and he ends up signing up for another ten years. Beetle must have changed his mind, because the next day he was back at Camp Swampy.