Timeline – 1963 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, June 23, 1963.

This Sunday page stars Beetle’s best buddy, Killer Diller. In a previous installment, we documented the early evolution of this girl-crazy G.I. Here’s the link to that post: http://beetlebailey.com/2015/12/04/killer-diller/

Mort Walker has always enjoyed drawing pretty girls. In the first year of the strip, when Beetle was still in college, he created a roommate for his girlfriend Buzz who was quite glamorous.

Timeline – 1960 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, August 14, 1960.

Beetle has had a number of different girlfriends over the years.  In college he went out with Buzz, who is seen with him in the strip below at the popular hangout, The Shack, which was based on a real snack bar on the campus of the University of Missouri, Mort Walker’s alma mater (click here to see previous post).