Timeline – 2005 Part 5

Beetle Bailey Sunday page digital proof, June 26, 2005.

This episode involves another of Lt. Fuzz’s pet peeves, eating in the office.  When Sarge is banished outside he encounters Rocky, one of the last characters in the strip who still smokes.

Mort Walker picked up the cigarette habit in the Army during the war.  It took him eight months to quit in the mid-1960s.  Around this time he did a story in Hi and Lois in which Hi was trying to give up.  Here is a link to that sequence: http://hiandlois.com/2014/01/04/new-years-resolutions/

Timeline – 1966 Part 4

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, September 11, 1966.

John D. Cosmo first appeared in Beetle Bailey in 1955. He was the camp capitalist who ran his own store, “Cosmo’s Korner,” where he sold soda, cigarettes, greeting cards, music, magazines, and used equipment as well as services like dating advice, loans, letter writing and shoe shines. His role was similar to the one played by Milo Minderbender in Joseph Heller’s classic novel Catch-22, published in 1961. Cosmo was also a pool hustler and a card shark.

Timeline – 1961 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, April 9, 1961.

In 1955, Mort Walker introduced Cosmo, a wheeler-dealer he claimed was based on the role played by William Holden in the film Stalag 17. “Holden was such a great operator he could get you anything, even in a wartime prison camp,” Mort remembered. Cosmo was a skilled pool hustler, a crafty card player and an unscrupulous loan shark.