Timeline – 1962 Part 3

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, March 18, 1962.

This is a unique episode since night scenes are rarely depicted in Beetle Bailey. Graphically, it is a well-designed page. The lighting of the campfire in panel #4 helps establish the atmosphere. The silhouettes in panel #6 create an effective transition. And the moon and the dark sky in the final panoramic panel help to deliver a dramatic conclusion.

Beetle Enlists – Part 4

Although the Korean War was raging, Beetle did not end up in combat after he joined the army. The main theme of the strip remained relatively the same. Beetle was just as lazy and carefree as he was during his college days and a similar cast of military friends replaced his fraternity buddies. In the new environment in which Beetle now found himself, Mort Walker could use the experiences from his own four years in the army. He also had pages of sketches and drawings, plus a diary describing everyday military life.

Beetle Enlists – Part 3

In March of 1951 Beetle Bailey found himself in the military. He had enlisted reluctantly. After being dragged into a recruiting office by his buddies, he signed the papers and was in the army for the long haul.

In Beetle’s first week in the army, he got a physical exam, took some tests and was given a uniform.1951.3.19-211951.3.22-24Was Beetle going to be shipped off to the war in Korea? Stay tooned.