Timeline – 1969 Part 3

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, August 17, 1969.

As the saying goes, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” The episode above shows how Cookie solved that problem

In the 1986 book, The Best of Beetle Bailey, Mort Walker wrote, “Cookie is a summation of so many army chefs I was victimized by. They were a bunch of slobs whose main talent was making you lose your appetite.”

Timeline – 1969 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, June 22, 1969.

One of the questions cartoonists are most frequently asked is, “Where do you get your ideas.” In his 1975 autobiography, Backstage at the Strips, Mort Walker attempted to respond to his readers’ curiosity about the creative process.

“Over the years I’ve devised many ways of developing gags,” he wrote. “The obvious way is simply sketching funny pictures and putting words around them.”

Timeline – 1968 Part 4

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, June 30, 1968.

In this episode, General Halftrack becomes increasingly exasperated with Zero’s cluelessness. Mort Walker once described Zero as “an innocent young farm boy as sweet, honest and unsophisticated as an ear of corn.”

The ways in which Zero misinterprets orders or misunderstands common phrases are innumerable.