Timeline – 2005 Part 5

Beetle Bailey Sunday page digital proof, June 26, 2005.

This episode involves another of Lt. Fuzz’s pet peeves, eating in the office.  When Sarge is banished outside he encounters Rocky, one of the last characters in the strip who still smokes.

Mort Walker picked up the cigarette habit in the Army during the war.  It took him eight months to quit in the mid-1960s.  Around this time he did a story in Hi and Lois in which Hi was trying to give up.  Here is a link to that sequence: http://hiandlois.com/2014/01/04/new-years-resolutions/

Timeline – 2005 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page digital proof, April 3, 2005.

In strips like the one above, Mort Walker shared his homespun philosophy and political beliefs with readers.

“The comic strip is one of the few mediums that allow one person to express his philosophy, his anger, his joy and his disappointment in mankind without restriction,” he wrote in his 2000 autobiography.  “It is one of the purest forms of art and expression that exists.”

Timeline – 2003 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page digital proof, January 12, 2003.

The characters shown in silhouette in the Sunday page above are: Beetle and Lt. Flap (panels #2 and #3), Zero (panel #4), Rocky (panel #5), Plato (panel #6), Sarge (panel #7) and General Halftrack (panel #8).

This technique was discussed in a previous post.