Timeline – 1968 Part 2

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, February 11, 1968.

Sylvan Byck, the former comics editor of King Features Syndicate, once told Mort Walker, “Have your character get hit over the head at least once a week.” Mort has never forgotten these words of wisdom.

The episode above is typical of the abuse Sarge subjects Beetle to on a regular basis. The image of Beetle lying twisted on the ground in the final panel is a recurring motif in the strip. Readers know that he never gets permanently injured and will always bounce back for another day of punishment.

Timeline – 1967 Part 4

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, December 31, 1967.

In anticipation of the upcoming football season, here is a classic episode in which Sarge gives Beetle and Zero some kicking lessons.

Similar to the page we posted last week, this scenario starts with a plausible set-up. Beetle falls on his head attempting to kick the ball. Zero is determined not to make the same mistake. When he barely lifts his foot off the ground Sarge shows him the right way to do it. Zero then challenges Sarge to see who can lift their leg higher. Sarge, of course, takes the bet and shows his flexibility. But he doesn’t know that Zero is double-jointed.